The 75 Meter AM Audio Files

WA1QIX- 'Is it LIVE, or is it Memorex?' ..Recordings played back on the air can get well, confusing..

WA3VJB- Paul is a broadcaster and AM enthusiast, and discusses his career path and transmitter..

K4KYV- Don reports 3.1 Amps to the RF ammeter "for whatever that's worth".. Don, it's worth a lot.. You're always LOUD!

AB2EZ- Stu, a brillant engineering professor loosens up and has memories of interesting New Year's resolutions..

W2VW- Dave, a good friend promotes AM, bandwidth and is the voice of reason on the air..

KA2DZT- Affectionately known as "51 Watt Fred" debuts 151 watts on his new 813 transmitter in the works for countless years..

KC2IFR- Bill, with a commanding signal and personality describes his audio shielding with 1000 watts 5 feet away..

KG2IR- Nick is the consummate Broadcast professional, who LOVES his cinnamon bagels and divulges how Mom got him to drink his milk..

WD8BIL- "OK Bud, what do you want your new call to be?".. "What new call?".. Sounding great on the Drake!

WA1HLR- Tim is one of a kind, and there is ALWAYS something interesting and worth learning in every (BELCH!) transmission..

K1JJ- Tom is heard wherever RF can be detected anywhere in the Whirl.. The Maiden Voyage of "FABIO" (4-1000 by a pair of 4-1000s)

W1AEX- Ever had a day when you get on the radio and find youself "just killing time"? Rob explains..

W1IA, KE1AV, W2WDX - Brent tells Dave what NOT to do with his 528 voice processor..

K1KBW, N1GTU, N2LJO- 60 years old, alone, with a room full of radios..

KB2IXT- Fred says" AM is great..feel free to use it".. and a familiar voice gets in his face..

W3GMS- "Audio is like pictures on the wall".. well Joe, this is a great picture..

WB2CAU- Eric talks about restoring radios most of us have fond memories of.. No they're NOT ham radios..

W2JBL- Wag yer tail on an ARC-5.. Chris does it doggy STYLE..

KA1CIV, WA1SSJ, N1GTU- Remember the snow in 2011? They were living the dream..

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